Coming from a background of designing and supplying equipment to week long runs of amatuer shows in Ireland and growing all the way up to large UK tours, we know what makes a show tick – and more importantly, what ticks off a touring company! Our hire systems are designed to fit in budget, fit in the truck and fit the designers dream of how the show should sound.

We use our relationships with our trusted partners to deliver the most impressive outcome in all areas. The result is one bespoke package, designed specifically for your show, prepped and tested, which will deliver the standard of audio that your production deserves.

Whether you are producing a show that runs for 6 days, a pantomime for 6 weeks over Christmas, a musical that will tour for 6 months or a play that will be resident in a venue for 6 years; we have the expertise and equipment to deliver consistent audio to your audiences night after night!

Get in touch now to discuss your upcoming production.