Qlab Rack Hire

Redundant Qlab Systems

Our own proprietary Qlab racks were built following years of experience with Qlab and working with Sound Designers who had quirky setups – taking the best parts of everything we learnt from them and putting it into a solid, redundant show playback system that is easy to tour.

qlab_screenshot_1All our systems are shipped with a valid Qlab 3 Pro Bundle licence, large solid state hard drives and the latest stable OS X. And the simple things are there for you – for example, MIDI monitor is on your desktop for when you need to troubleshoot your setup during tech.

Each rack is designed for your production – an audio only system will have redundant clocking, analogue or digital (MADI, AES or Dante) outputs and an easy GO button and console MIDI triggering system. Our video racks can be built to output via HDMI to your own switching and distribution system or include a CAT5 balun to transmit your video content to anywhere in the venue.

Get in touch now to discuss your requirements – no project is too big or too small!

Our goal and ethos is to never be in the show report. Therefore we will not ship a system without a redundancy. We will not supply a system without a UPS. As lovers of a clean show, we don’t charge these as “extras”. Please don’t ask for a cheaper non-redundant system! It may save pennies, but when dealing with technology, a penny saved is a potential show stop!

We also regularly supply custom solutions such as MD GO buttons or DSM control of the sound, light and visual components of your show. Even if we are not supplying the rest of the equipment, we love chatting to other designers and collaborating on a system design that will fit the productions specific demands and will deliver consistent results night after night! Again, pop us an email so we can discuss your specific requirements.