Musical Theatre

Be it a touring production or a musical resident in a venue for anything from one week to multiple years, we have the expertise and equipment required to deliver consistent sound to your audiences night after night.

We offer a full audio service package to your production – designing and supplying Front of House loudspeaker systems, onstage monitoring, effects speakers, redundant Qlab playback and show control systems and much more. Check out our hire page for all the details.


With modern audiences who are used to high quality and amplified entertainment, clever sound design plays a more important role than ever.

Reinforcing the sound from your actors mouths in a subtle manner is our speciality. Our naturally voiced D&B loudspeakers mean that your audience don’t even notice that it is amplified. Our miniature set-mounted speakers draws the audience into the point of action. Our DPA microphones are so invisible that nobody except your Sound Department knows that the cast is mic’d.

We offer a full audio service package to your play – designing and supplying systems capable of amplifying your actors in an unnoticeable manner, realistically reproducing sound effects with on-set speakers and providing show control systems that make it easy for your sound operator or DSM to run complex sound, lighting and visual elements of the show.

Let’s break the precedent of this being prohibitively expensive – contact us to discuss your requirements and we will work out a competitive price that will please your accountant and wow your audiences!

Amateur Theatre

We will never forget our roots! Our background in amateur musical theatre makes us the perfect choice to supply sound for your production. With even more experience than ever before, a greater selection of equipment and surprisingly competitive prices – we look forward to bringing our expertise to your show!

With such an impressive reputation already built up in the AIMS (Association of Irish Musical Societies) scene, and a consistent thumbs up from the NODA (National Operatic and Dramatic Association) faction, we have the backing of your peers!

Full packages including sound effect design, sound operators, microphone and PA equipment hire are available. Just get in touch for a quote for your show.