Why AMP?

Exchange rate/cash flow

Exchange Rate SliderAs our suppliers are paid in Euro, your Pound Sterling goes much further towards paying those bills due to the current exchange rate! This means that even with extra transport costs, you still get a better deal!

As we invoice from our Irish company, VAT is dealt with through VIES and is not payable on our invoices when we bill a VAT-registered UK company. As a lack of cash flow is crippling to a show, not having to pay the VAT immediately and having to claim it back can be a show-saver!

Support and backup

We wouldn’t run a show with a single computer running Qlab, so when entering relationships with our suppliers; we ensured that they had the same level of redundancy. The backup and support they have from their vast stocks of equipment and relationships with other suppliers mean that a spare part or a technician to talk to is only a phone call away.


Why should you pay a middleman? Surely it is cheaper to just go to each company yourself?

middlemanIn this case – cutting out the middleman will probably make your hire more expensive! As we hire so much from our suppliers, we get discounts that your show would never be quoted. And we have done all the hard work for you – we only work with the best suppliers, and have only developed such a strong relationship with them because they never let us down where others have. You don’t need to take this risk!

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